The Way That You Can Use If You Lost The Driver Of Epson L360

Epson is one of the largest printer companies in the world that will become a public information center with the hardware they released in the past. One of their best printers that still featured today is The Epson L360. The printer with more convenience for its users with many features that are very familiar and easy to operate. This Epson printer driver is also easy to install.

The Excess Of Epson L360

The Epson L360 printer has some functions or multifunction printer that offers speed and certainly more efficient. The speed and reliability are two important things in productivity at work. Epson L360 printers are included in Epson L series printers that have amazing speed. In addition, The Epson L360 printer also has several other advantages.

The Amazing Printer Speed

Print speed is needed if you are faced with a meeting with a tight deadline. With Epson printer drivers, Epson L360 printer is supported by Micro Piezo as the printhead technology with amazing print speed 9.2ipm.

High Result With Low Cost

One of the problems of office costs is on the printing needs. So, it will be the best choice if you use Epson L360 printer to support your work. With the original tank system of Epson’s, you will be able to save costs because for each ink bottle, you just need to spend 5.50 dollars and for each tank can produce around 6,5 thousands pages for color and 4 thousand for black. With the patented the design of bottle tip, so it will make you easy to refill the ink. Not only that, the printer’s tube is designed to be optimal width to ensure reliable and smooth ink flow at all times you use.

Epson Warranty

If you buy Epson Printer officially you will get two years warranty or 30 thousand prints for the maximum value of your printer. The warranty of Epson printer drivers and Epson printer are included the coverage of printhead. The printhead coverage is the most important for printers that are designed for high volume printing.

The Amazing Print Quality

This Epson L360 printer is provided with high resolution until 5760 dpi that will make your printing result is more stunning and high quality. Of course, it will not very useful for your work but also for your daily activity in personal life.

Copy And Scanning

If you choose the Epson L360 printers, so you will have access to copy and scan documents with ease. This printer is the reliable capability to do this both of jobs. The result of scanning is clearly and sharp. Not only that, you will get the copy document results with clear and sharp.

Saving Place Design

Epson L360 printer and another the Epson printer L series are made in the saving place design. The compact footprint will make it comfortable to placed in everywhere not only in the office but also in your home. Besides that this simple design is suitable for supporting the environment that ergonomic.

Good Quality And Value

The original Epson ink is formulated to provide the exceptionally high volume of print quality. Each bottle of ink purity is designed with free clutter refills and smart tip.

How If You Lost The Driver Of Epson L360

The next topic about the Epson drivers of printer especially for L360 type has the aims to make it easier for all of you who are currently looking for Epson L360 driver. Usually, if you buy this printer in a new condition, the purchase box is included with the driver CD, so that you can installed that driver then use the printer and can print the photos or documents with ease.

But, how if your Epson L360 printer has lost the driver? So, the one thing that you must do is download the driver through its official website. Do not carelessly when you are looking for drivers because in the internet access there are so many websites that provide the false driver software that will waste your time. So you need to find the official website that provides the original Epson printer drivers. For the price of Epson L360 printer, you may find on some website that can give the information about that. This printer includes the multifunctional such as copy, scan, and print photos. This printer also supports the wireless networks and the best printer speed.

How To Choose The Best Printer For Your Home

The printer is one of the needs to start some of our daily activities, especially the activities that have relation with the job. The activities that need printers such as printing documents or photos through digital media, to school assignments that will occur every day.

The Printer Needs

For that need, you have to carefulness and knowledge in choosing the right printer that suits with your needs. If you just need a printer to daily needs at the home, so there are some tips that you may follow to choose the best printer for your home.

Choose The Printer By The Type

If you have the daily needs to print the photos or picture with the best result, so you may choose inkjet printers that have a small design. One of the advantages of this printer is the sharper and the smooth image. Because of this advantages, inkjet printers need more ink. If you need the large amounts of the print results in daily activities such as to copy the documents, so you need the laser printer.

At first, this printer was only used in offices, but as time went on it became a home printer with affordable price. But you need to know that this type of printer is not good to print photos or pictures.

By The Function

By the function, the printer has three types, such as.

  1. Printer with a single function

If you are sure that you need the printer only to print some documents, so you may choose a printer with a single function. Because this type of printer has a more affordable price and also it’s very easy to operate.

  1. Printer to print pictures and photos

If you have a job or hobby of photography that makes you need to print photos every day, so you may choose a printer that specifically for photos. The printer like this can usually be connected to your smartphone. So you still can operate this printer while you are on a trip.

  1. All in one printer

If you need to do your job at homes such as printing some documents and photos. So you need to buy the all in one printer. This printer is not only for printing documents, but are equipped with the scan, copy, and send a fax. With the complete features, of course, this printer has a more expensive price.

By The Operational System

If you want to choose the printer by that operational system, so this are those types.

  1. Integrated type

If you want to make the best result of photos, so you may choose this type. Because the integrated printer has the system that combined 2 until 4 colors to print. But if the one of the ink runs out, so the other ink will not be able to be used.

  1. Split type

If you need to print many documents in one time, so you may choose the split type. Because this type has the ink container that separate. You may replace the only one ink with the new ink. So it will save the operational costs.

  1. Toner type

This is the most expensive types of printer between split and an integrated printer. You may also be prepared money for replacing the ink storage drums.

So, after you read this tips, you can choose the best printer for your daily activities in your home. Good luck.

How to Choose a Printer for Your Home

Determining which printer that you’ll purchase is a perfect thing to consider. When you’re looking for the best printer, of course, there are some considerations that will make your work more attractive. In choosing the printer, you shouldn’t take them for granted. Finding the best printer will not only help you to have the best printing quality but also to help save more money from you but some enterprise prefer to rent printer. It benefits you a lot in getting the printer that is suitable for the home. So, how do you choose the best printer?

Choosing the Best Printer for the Home Usage

If you still need to print documents at home, the printers will be an essential device you need to have. When it comes to you to choose a new printer, the brands need to be considered as you will have the printers at its best. In this case, you can choose a printer as you consider some of these things:

  1. Before you decide to purchase a particular printer brand, you need to make sure that you understand the operating system of your computers. It will be perfect for you to consider them as suit the printer compatibility with a certain printer brand. For example, there are some printer brands like Lexmark that is not compatible with Linux. Although it will be quite a simple thing, considering this matter will lead you to a better printing quality.
  2. You can also choose the best printer as you decide what you want from the printer. In this case, there are two of the most popular types of printer, which are the inkjet and laserjet Make sure you can choose them based on what you need in printing. Both of those two types of printers will give you different printing qualities and prices. So, it will be wise to choose the one that will be suitable for both your need and budget.
  3. If you have considered the price, you need to also look for their features. Some products are good for you to consider when choosing them based on their features. In this case, you can still consider the features based on what you need and what your purpose in using the printer is. If you use them only to print, then choosing the printing-only printers will be good. For advanced features, you can choose some devices with scanning and copying features.
  4. You need to also consider the operating cost of your printer, as it will determine how you spend on the ink (for inkjet) and toner (for a laser printer). Besides, you need to also know the paper cost and other things before you can settle to a particular printer model from a particular printer brand.

Those are the things you need to consider before you decide to purchase a particular printer from the market. Considering those factors will lead you to a good thing when you choose the one that will be good and suitable for your needs. So, we wish you a perfect printer to buy!

The Differences between Canon and HP Printers

Purchasing a new printer for your small business is what you need to do if you want to start a business with vast profit. As a vital thing you have in your business, the printer will do many things like printing, scanning, and copying. Some printers are also designed with the fax features, making it as a compact device that will help you a lot in doing the business at the office. But among all of the popular printer brands in the world, which one is the best? Especially when choosing between Canon and HP, you might be confused when choosing them.

Telling the Best between Canon and HP Printers

Choosing a new printer for your business needs to be done simply. You can consider whether a particular brand is good for you or not. In this case, when choosing the printer, various considerations need to be taken. However, the popularity of these two brands makes you need to consider the best.

  1. When it comes to the design, both of those brands have a unique They are designed with perfect features that will make their function as the best. But, if you want something stylish yet still simple, you can choose the ones from HP to be in your office. Hp released the printer with the most beautiful design, which is simple, stylish and also unique. But, it doesn’t mean that the Canon products are not stylish. They are stylish and unique, but HP has improved their products to be quite modern and simple.
  2. For the features, both of the brands have their own unique features. In this case, you can see as how Canon improves their products to be more office-friendly with its simple features that will optimize the usage. Besides, HP is also improving the features and the technology used for their products, such as by adding the Bluetooth printing feature, making your printing experience even easier as you can print from anywhere.
  3. For the office printer options, you can opt to have one between the HP and Canon printers. But, if you want something that will cover all your needs when choosing the printer for the business, then HP will be the best for you. It has some big, office-friendly printers that will help you in printing up to 40 pages per minute. It helps you to print the document faster and more efficient.
  4. When it comes to the price, of course, you can consider the model and its features. You cannot compare a home printer with the ones made for the office. But, when the same category printers are compared between HP and Canon, there are some things you can consider. Some of the Canon products are designed with the same specification but at a lower price than HP. You can even save quite a money when opt to choose Canon printers in the same category and specification.
  5. You can also consider about its aftersales, as you might consider purchasing a new printer in the future. For the aftersales, Canon printers are still priced high and will give you a better amount of money rather than the ones from HP. Although the HP printers are still good to be sold at a quite high price, you can still get the higher price when choosing Canon.

Those are some comparison you can get when comparing between HP and Canon printers. The printers from those two brands will be quite challenging to choose, as they have their own pros and cons when you choose them. However, it’s all back to you to choose the best printer for your need.

Unveiling the Pros and Cons of Inkjet and Laser Printer

In the world full of new innovations, there are still some dilemmatic choices between the inkjet printer and the laser printers. Those two types of printers are the ones majoring in the printer industry, making their work as good as how it helps people to get the best printing quality. When it comes to you to choose the printer types, you can find the ones that will be suitable for your need. But, which one you should choose for your need? Both of them are indeed good, but you can consider the ones that will make it perfect for your purpose when choosing the printer.

How to Get the Best Printer between Inkjet and Laser Printer

The options when you choose printers are various when you need to get the one with a perfect printing quality. Especially when you have to choose the best printer device which is affordable and easy to use, you can choose the one which is simple and also unique. So, here are some aspects you can consider when choosing the printers:

  1. The first thing you need to consider is the price. When it comes to purchasing a new printer, of course, you will choose the ones that will suit your budget. Inkjet printers are way more affordable than the laser printer. Besides, their ink will also cost you less than the laser printer’s toner. They are good for the work when you need a good printing solution at home or small office.
  2. If you choose for the photo printing solution, you absolutely need to choose the inkjet. Their printing quality is the best when you need to print smooth photos. They are also good in providing the good color blending on your photo paper. But, when you need something more precise and good with fine lines and small fonts, opting for the laser printer will never be wrong.
  3. Then, you can also consider that the inkjets will be suitable for every paper type. Thus, you can print both on the office paper and the photo paper. Those types of paper will never make you feel bad about choosing them. However, you can consider some things that will be a good decision between choosing the inkjets and laser printer as the heat-sensitive papers will not produce a good result when using the laser printers.
  4. If you need to print fast, then you need to consider the laser printers for the solution. Opting for the laser printer will make it even more efficient when you print them. Although the inkjet printers are designed with a faster printing speed, you can still get them to lose to laser printers in printing huge volume of paper.
  5. Consider the warm-up of the device, too. As you choose the inkjet printer, there will be no drama as you wait for the printer to be ready for printing your documents. But, when you use the laser printer, you will need to wait until the printer is warm enough before you can use them for printing the documents you have. It will help you a lot in getting the best printer for your business.
  6. In some cases, the inkjet printers are more expensive when you have to do a maintenance. The printers need to be cleaned perfectly and regularly to maintain the function. Besides, you can also consider that the ink usage can be quite much if you don’t do regular cleaning of the printer.

The mentioned considerations are the ones that will be perfectly considered when you choose the things. It is important for you to make sure that you can decide which printer that will suit you the most.

Why Some Enterprise Prefer To Rent Printers?

The right planning strategy is one of the keys to the success of operational of business. Also included in the strategy of using funds. You need to use the right strategy, so every cost that you spend can be optimally utilized. In an enterprise or company, the printer device is one of the components that require considerable optional costs. Based on a research from Gartner that an enterprise needs 6 percent of the total IT or Information and Technology budget, just in order to manage the printers in that enterprise.

Printer Rental

Even, nowadays the price of printers is cheaper. But the fact is that there are many enterprises are more interested in using printer rental than if they have to buy a new printer. Why is that? Because there are some reasons why many enterprises prefer to rent a printer than having to buy a new printer.

Short-Term Use

The using of printers only for short periods is to be the first reason why the enterprise prefer printer rentals. Usually, this enterprise only needs printers for days, weeks, or months. The condition that makes that enterprise choose to use the rental printers is usually such as if their main printer is on maintenance. So, if they should buy a new printer they must pay attention to the costs for the other printer maintenance, ink costs and the cost damage that may occur due to extreme usage.

To Decrease Risks

The printer rentals are chosen more because they can minimize the risk of damage and loss that is greater than if you have to buy a new printer. For example, if an enterprise rents printers for one week for 100 thousand IDR and you can be guessed that its use will not too extreme like print for thousands of copies. So with the rental printer, it will be more efficient than you must buy a new printer.


With the growing time and all of the complexity, now many people are more interested in getting something that efficient but useful. This is what can be fulfilled by printer rentals. Customers only need to spend money to rent a printer according to their needs without having to think about the costs of repairs, ink, maintenance, and also the time that must be provided to maintain the printers. Can you imagine that it’s so efficient?

There are two conditions that you should be rent a printer than buy the new one, such as if your office has to obligation to print documents within a certain period of time or at a time of high intensity. So, you are better to prefer rental printer than buy it. Because, if that obligation is done and your enterprise just work as usual with the printing activity is not too much, so it will be more efficient,

The second is when your office will hold the events that require the printing of various types of documents such as examples of certificates and proposals. Events that usually use printer rentals include mass organizations, seminars, and so on.

The Advantages Of Rental Printers

Besides the previous reasons, why your enterprise must prefer the rental printer. There are some advantages that you will get by the rental printers.

  1. Variety of printer choices

The large selection of printers that provided by the printer rental, will allow you to choose a printer that suits with your office needs. So, your business can complete to the fullest.

  1. The latest type of printer

We believe that we need to follow the progress of technology, so our work will be more optimally. One of the ways to optimization is to use the latest type of printer with high features. With the rental printer, you will get the latest type of printer.