The Differences between Canon and HP Printers

Purchasing a new printer for your small business is what you need to do if you want to start a business with vast profit. As a vital thing you have in your business, the printer will do many things like printing, scanning, and copying. Some printers are also designed with the fax features, making it as a compact device that will help you a lot in doing the business at the office. But among all of the popular printer brands in the world, which one is the best? Especially when choosing between Canon and HP, you might be confused when choosing them.

Telling the Best between Canon and HP Printers

Choosing a new printer for your business needs to be done simply. You can consider whether a particular brand is good for you or not. In this case, when choosing the printer, various considerations need to be taken. However, the popularity of these two brands makes you need to consider the best.

  1. When it comes to the design, both of those brands have a unique They are designed with perfect features that will make their function as the best. But, if you want something stylish yet still simple, you can choose the ones from HP to be in your office. Hp released the printer with the most beautiful design, which is simple, stylish and also unique. But, it doesn’t mean that the Canon products are not stylish. They are stylish and unique, but HP has improved their products to be quite modern and simple.
  2. For the features, both of the brands have their own unique features. In this case, you can see as how Canon improves their products to be more office-friendly with its simple features that will optimize the usage. Besides, HP is also improving the features and the technology used for their products, such as by adding the Bluetooth printing feature, making your printing experience even easier as you can print from anywhere.
  3. For the office printer options, you can opt to have one between the HP and Canon printers. But, if you want something that will cover all your needs when choosing the printer for the business, then HP will be the best for you. It has some big, office-friendly printers that will help you in printing up to 40 pages per minute. It helps you to print the document faster and more efficient.
  4. When it comes to the price, of course, you can consider the model and its features. You cannot compare a home printer with the ones made for the office. But, when the same category printers are compared between HP and Canon, there are some things you can consider. Some of the Canon products are designed with the same specification but at a lower price than HP. You can even save quite a money when opt to choose Canon printers in the same category and specification.
  5. You can also consider about its aftersales, as you might consider purchasing a new printer in the future. For the aftersales, Canon printers are still priced high and will give you a better amount of money rather than the ones from HP. Although the HP printers are still good to be sold at a quite high price, you can still get the higher price when choosing Canon.

Those are some comparison you can get when comparing between HP and Canon printers. The printers from those two brands will be quite challenging to choose, as they have their own pros and cons when you choose them. However, it’s all back to you to choose the best printer for your need.