Why Some Enterprise Prefer To Rent Printers?

The right planning strategy is one of the keys to the success of operational of business. Also included in the strategy of using funds. You need to use the right strategy, so every cost that you spend can be optimally utilized. In an enterprise or company, the printer device is one of the components that require considerable optional costs. Based on a research from Gartner that an enterprise needs 6 percent of the total IT or Information and Technology budget, just in order to manage the printers in that enterprise.

Printer Rental

Even, nowadays the price of printers is cheaper. But the fact is that there are many enterprises are more interested in using printer rental than if they have to buy a new printer. Why is that? Because there are some reasons why many enterprises prefer to rent a printer than having to buy a new printer.

Short-Term Use

The using of printers only for short periods is to be the first reason why the enterprise prefer printer rentals. Usually, this enterprise only needs printers for days, weeks, or months. The condition that makes that enterprise choose to use the rental printers is usually such as if their main printer is on maintenance. So, if they should buy a new printer they must pay attention to the costs for the other printer maintenance, ink costs and the cost damage that may occur due to extreme usage.

To Decrease Risks

The printer rentals are chosen more because they can minimize the risk of damage and loss that is greater than if you have to buy a new printer. For example, if an enterprise rents printers for one week for 100 thousand IDR and you can be guessed that its use will not too extreme like print for thousands of copies. So with the rental printer, it will be more efficient than you must buy a new printer.


With the growing time and all of the complexity, now many people are more interested in getting something that efficient but useful. This is what can be fulfilled by printer rentals. Customers only need to spend money to rent a printer according to their needs without having to think about the costs of repairs, ink, maintenance, and also the time that must be provided to maintain the printers. Can you imagine that it’s so efficient?

There are two conditions that you should be rent a printer than buy the new one, such as if your office has to obligation to print documents within a certain period of time or at a time of high intensity. So, you are better to prefer rental printer than buy it. Because, if that obligation is done and your enterprise just work as usual with the printing activity is not too much, so it will be more efficient,

The second is when your office will hold the events that require the printing of various types of documents such as examples of certificates and proposals. Events that usually use printer rentals include mass organizations, seminars, and so on.

The Advantages Of Rental Printers

Besides the previous reasons, why your enterprise must prefer the rental printer. There are some advantages that you will get by the rental printers.

  1. Variety of printer choices

The large selection of printers that provided by the printer rental, will allow you to choose a printer that suits with your office needs. So, your business can complete to the fullest.

  1. The latest type of printer

We believe that we need to follow the progress of technology, so our work will be more optimally. One of the ways to optimization is to use the latest type of printer with high features. With the rental printer, you will get the latest type of printer.